We are your trauma therapy specialists.

We are well equipped with specialty training in treating trauma be it related to childhood, bullying, abuse, rape, military service, public service, catastrophe, chronic stress, birth trauma or other distressing event having long term negative effects on one's life. The traumatic impact may manifest in other life areas such as chronic stress, agitation, substance misuse or addiction, anxiety, agoraphobia, depressive symptoms, isolation, or dissociative traits. When a person experiences a number of these traumas, it can result in the development of complex trauma or complex PTSD. This typically leads to negative ways of living that over time disrupts more and more areas of a person's life. Trauma does not have to continue to ruin one's life. Hope and change are possible. Contact us today and let's talk about ways to get your life back, the life you dreamed you would have.



Our Story

Newly established in 2018, Revive Counseling brings with it the robust experience gained in various types of mental health and substance use treatment agencies at multiple levels of care. This paired with the unwavering focus on trauma makes Revive Counseling a distinct and distinguished treatment provider in the Jackson metro area. For more information about the services we provide, reach out today.

Our Services

We conduct assessments to determine the appropriate level of care needed. We provide individual and group therapy. If additional levels of care are needed, we will provide referrals to other competent agencies to ensure the best continuity of care for the client.



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